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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for exporting a vehicle without paying Duties or Taxes?

If you are an immigrant or are returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more overseas, you are entitled to concessions on private motor vehicles that either accompany you or are sent separately. It is possible to import more than one motor vehicle GST and duty free, if you are able to meet all the concessionary requirements for each vehicle. To show that all conditions have been met you will require full documentary evidence. If you do not qualify for concessionary entry, private motorhomes and will attract Duty and GST when they are brought in. If you have owned the vehicle in the UK for a while but don’t meet these requirements, when we submit the documents to NZ Customs we can depreciate the value according to NZ Customs guidelines, which will mean you would pay less Duty and GST based on this new value. You can find more details on Depreciation Allowance here.

How is GST (Goods and Services Tax) and Duty calculated?

Motorhomes are set at 10% Duty and 15% GST, based on the purchase price of the vehicle converted in NZD. To work out the GST value to pay, the converted purchase price in NZD is added to the applicable Duty, added the cost of freight to NZ as well as the cost of Insurance. This finalises what is known as the CIF value-Cost, insurance and freight (CIF)) – you will pay 15% of this total CIF value. Talk to the Unsworth RV team who will be happy to calculate this for you.

What is a post-shipment condition inspection and report?

This is a record of the condition of the vehicle noting any damage, scratching, presence of a stereo – including digital photos etc. Our shipping agents personally inspect every unit one it has reached one of our warehouses. Photos are provided upon inspection, and you can instantly see pictures of the caravan’s outside, inside, any damages, dents, scratches, etc through our RV Visibility Platform

How can I ensure my unit will comply with New Zealand standards?

Australia and New Zealand have imposed strict controls on car and caravan imports to reduce the risk of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) contamination, which we can ensure you meet through our fumigation services. Our fumigation treatments are accredited by New Zealand’s MPI and we will always look at documentation and specification of the unit so you don’t run into any hidden costs or non-compliance on the other end.

What is BAF?

BAF stands for Bunker Adjustment Factor. It is a variable additional surcharge, to help compensate for fluctuations in fuel prices for the vessel. We let you know what these are at the time of providing you a cost estimate, but please note these rates are subject to change at any time and we will advise you before shipping.

What is roll-on roll-off (Ro/Ro)?

Ro/Ro is a shipping service that is designed to carry rolling-stock cargo such as oversized caravans, motorhomes and motor vehicles. Vehicles are driven directly onto the vessel and secured inside the vessel to the car decks, where it is fully enclosed and doesn’t expose the vehicles to the salt air whilst in transit.

Can you apply mark of origin on the units before you arrange the export?

Yes, we can provide stickers with mark of origin which will be applied to caravans prior to loading.

Which ports in Korea do you ship to?

We ship containerised caravans either to Busan or to Incheon port, whichever is more convenient for you. For Ro-Ro we use Port Pyeongtaek and Masan.

Do I need an FTA code to import a caravan into Korea?

You don’t need to have an FTA code to import into Korea,however the dealership that sells the unit for export should have one.

What happens when the vehicle arrives at the destination?

Prior to your shipments arrival at destination our local office overseas will contact the party you have specified as consignee to discuss customs clearance and other local arrangements. Based on your and consignee's instructions, units can be either made available for collection at a dedicated depot or delivered to a location requested. Unless you have chosen to include destination charges in your shipping price, destination fees will be charged by our partner overseas to the consignee.

Can you collect my unit?

We work with a trusted network of reputable car transporters which means we can arrange collection of your unit from anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Can you store my unit until I am ready to ship?

Yes, we can store your caravan and motorhome on request in one of our dedicated, secured facilities.

Will you insure my unit for transit?

We offer marine insurance as an optional extra which we strongly recommend you take. Whilst the majority of cargo arrives safely at destination, there can be instances during transit which result in damage or loss. Our all risks marine insurance policy will cover the full value of your cargo, giving you complete peace of mind.

Am I allowed to ship personal effects inside the vehicle?

If your unit is being containerised for shipping, you can include additional cargo inside the vehicle. All items must be explicitly declared on the manifest and your unit may be subject to additional checks by Customs and port authorities.

If your unit is being shipped Ro-Ro, you are not able to include personal effects inside the vehicle.

Will I have to pay VAT on shipping costs?

Shipping costs are exempt from VAT if the ultimate destination is outside of the EU. VAT only applies if the cargo is shipped to a country within the EU.

When do I pay for my shipment?

Payment must be settled before the unit arrives at destination. This is crucial to avoid additional local charges.

What documentation do you require?

In most cases, we require either a commercial invoice or inventory list when exporting caravans. For cars and motorhomes we would also need a copy of registration documents as proof of ownership.

What happens after the shipment has sailed?

After leaving the UK port, within 2 working days from sailing date you will receive a set of shipping documents and tracking details for your consignment. These will also be available to you on your dedicated RV Visibility portal.

Can I track my shipment online?

Our industry leading visibility tools allow you to track your unit(s) from the moment they are received by our loading facility, through to final destination; just log in to the RV Visibility portal.

What will this cost me?

There are many factors that can affect the cost to ship a caravan, such as vehicle type and country of origin. The best way to gain an accurate price is to get in touch with one of our shipping agents and speak to one of our team with your specific shipping requirements, to provide you the most tailored quote.

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