Knaus Tabbert e power electric vehicles
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September 28, 2021

Knaus Tabbert reveal their electric vehicle at Caravan Salon 2021


Knaus Tabbert reveal their electric vehicle at Caravan Salon 2021

Every year, Düsseldorf becomes home to Caravan Salon, the world’s leading trade fair for mobile travel. Many venture to this event to discover, compare and buy a range of caravans, campervans and motorhomes, gaining first-hand access to the vehicle technology and accessories.  

After the event was cancelled in 2020, due to the global pandemic, motorhome professionals and enthusiasts were excited to have the event back in full swing.  

This year, the highlight was Knaus Tabbert’s KNAUS E.POWER DRIVE, the first fully electric motorhome. Developed in cooperation with HWA AG – a leader in engineering and an internationally renowned development partner.  

Knaus Tabbert have driven innovation through the development of this vehicle, with a focus on technology leadership, customer focus and unique design.  

Whilst it visually resembles a conventional motorhome, the cockpit demonstrates just how complex the technology and design are. They have transformed this model with the use of automatic transmission, removing the need for a gear stick. The diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission has now been replaced with an electric motor driving the front wheels.  

Furthermore, the innovative human-machine interface concept consists of two large displays. These two screens allow for the simple display of information, as well as operating status on the motorhome, for functions such as speed or requested driving performance.  

The RV can push to speeds of 68 mph with a maximum output of 241 horsepower or 180 kilowatts. Whilst this will draw a bit of extra juice from the 35-kWh battery, recharging the battery takes three hours. At full power, Knaus Tabbert say it carries enough energy to sustain power for five days in normal-use conditions.  

The vehicle can sleep three people and is fully equipped with a complete kitchen, bathroom with shower and two 25-gallon tanks for fresh and wastewater.  

This new electric vehicle is currently a concept, with the release date some time in 2022. Knaus Tabbert also hope to explore hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to internal combustion power. You can view more about the KNAUS E.POWER vehicles here.

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