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RO/RO Freight

The fastest, most reliable shipping solution for oversized units

As the market is rapidly shifting towards wider caravans(over 8ft wide), Ro/Ro shipping is the safest alternative way of shipping larger caravans and motorhomes.

Our RO/RO (roll on, roll off) shipping services provide a safe environment and use the most secure shipping options to reduce risk of damage to your units.Vehicles are driven directly onto the RO/RO vessel and secured inside the vessel to the car decks.

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Leading exporters with weekly sailings to global destinations

Unsworth are the leading exporters of caravans and motorhomes to New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and USA, having shipped over 860 units in the last 12 months.  We offer cost effective and reliable door-to-door caravan and motorhome shipping services from the UK. With clients benefitting from weekly sailings, to global destinations.

Weekly services from UK to New Zealand, South Korea and other global destinations
Competitive shipping rates and MAF approved fumigation procedures
Our Pathway platform provides complete end-to-end visibility and peace of mind

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us the most frequently

What is the difference between RO/RO and Containerised?

RO/RO is mainly used for oversized units (8ft wide). If you are shipping a motorhome it is likely you will need to use this option due to the dimensions of the unit.

With this method your caravan or motorhome will be driven on the actual vessel and secured there. This mode of transport can work our a little more expensive, but is incredibly reliable - It's also the only option for larger units and vehicles wider than 8ft.

Where can I deliver my Caravan, Motorhome or Car?

We have 3 receiving depots in strategic locations throughout the UK. You can either deliver to our main depot in Ipswich, or our depots in Hull and Southampton. Whichever is closer to you or your dealer.

Alternatively, we can collect your vehicle from any address in the UK.

Where from do you buy your caravan? How to avoid risks related to purchasing UK caravans?

Purchasing caravans overseas can be a risky job, but we can eliminate these risks for you.

We can introduce you to some trusted UK caravan dealers, we currently work with.
They will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have. As we are the only NCC shipping member and are only working with NCC registered caravan dealers.

Buying your caravans from these dealer will bring a lot of benefits for you:

  • You can purchase any make and models

The caravans will be inspected to make sure they are roadworthy and are in the same condition as advertised ( an example of the pitfalls hidden by malice sellers which can be checked by our specialists): They will check if the caravan has any finance outstanding or been repaired under an insurance write off. They inspect for spongy floors, general damp, cracked shower trays, cracked or broken windows and sky lights which cost a fortune to replace.

A good example is Bailey caravans. They are prone to damp and bad body cracks on the rear panel which lets in water, and damp around the front windows. Sprite caravans often have severe cracks around the front window with damp making them nearly impossible to repair. And Avondale's have cracks around the front awning rails letting in damp. I would say about 40% plus of the caravans inspected are too bad to purchase or even attempt a repair. Please do not let this put you off, we do see some awful caravans at the docks waiting to surprise their new owners”

  • Your caravan will be cleaned at DAFF standards before shipping in order to smoothly pass the quarantine inspections at destinations
  • It is safe using them as you will know who you transfer money from overseas.

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Pathway Platform Visibility

Many competitors offer limited milestone visibility, which makes end-to-end forecasting and analysis inaccurate. Unsworth RV is the ONLY specialist website designed to assist you with the shipping of your unit from the UK to over 500 worldwide destinations.

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