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June 28, 2021

Industry experts share top tips to shipping a vehicle across the globe

Caravan Shipping
We get told by our client's time and time again, ‘shipping a caravan from the UK to New Zealand is no easy job, but you’ve made this an effortless process.’ 40+ years in the biz will do that to you. We dive into what enables us to ship a vehicle across continents with ease and share the industry secrets on delivering a 5* service.
Preparation is key

We are passionate about the performance of our services, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of each vehicle is prepared efficiently to ensure that they are delivered with the utmost care. We want to ensure clients receive their units in mint condition, so we offer full valeting services on all units, including a hand wash and steam/jet clean.  

As well as receiving your unit in mint condition, having your unit valeted ensures MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) compliance, reducing the risk of delays on arrival.

Did you know? New Zealand and Australia have imposed strict controls on caravan imports to reduce the risk of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug contamination. We ensure full compliance with BMSB procedures through our MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) approved fumigation centres in the UK and across Europe.

Watch our video to see our caravan loading process:

Stellar loading techniques

After we ensure the vehicle is prepped for loading, we then get your vehicle secured and safety assured with our unique loading methods.

We have a committed warehouse team that are dedicated to protecting your units and will effectively prepare your vehicle for shipment. We have a unique tape free loading technique that eliminates the risk of residue build up or paint damage, along with the latest secure strapping techniques increase security and stability of the unit in transit.  

With the current state of port congestion and shortage of container capacity, we always take into consideration the efficiency of how we load our containers.  

See how we load 4 cars into one container here:  

State of the art technology

We’re technology driven. Our RV Visibility platform was developed to help our clients achieve complete peace of mind.  

From the moment we receive your unit, to arrival at destination, you’ll be able to simply log-in to view your booking, including the shipper and consignee details, as well all of your previous and current quotes or bookings, including a gallery section that allows you to see what your unit looks like at different stages of the process from inspection, preparation and loading.  

Every client is offered access to RV Visibility, at no extra charge. We designed this platform with our clients' needs in mind.  

The personal touch

Our services and technology are the base of what we do, however, our personal approach to each client is what makes Unsworth RV what it is. From taking on feedback that helps continuously improve user journey, to being on hand whenever our client’s need us. Don’t just take our word for it.  

Bringing a van in from NZ is a bit of a mission but using Unsworth RV they took all the hassle out for us. Made it very easy and shipping in this climate is a very daunting task but I’ll do it again because of these guys. I would rate them higher than 5 star if I could.
- Matt
I have used Unsworth on a previous occasion to ship a caravan to New Zealand, so when I purchased another van I approached them again. Quick to respond and keep you up to date. It's great that they send pictures when your vehicle arrives at their facility and as it goes into the container. Would I use them again? Yes definitely.
- Andy

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If you have interest in learning more about our method of loading cars or caravans into containers or have interest in looking at how we can help you optimise your containerised loading operations and transports, get in touch with one of our Unsworth RV representatives now.  

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