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Woods Caravans


Woods Caravans are an independent caravan dealer based in the UK, specialising in new and used caravans. Unsworth worked with Woods Caravans to transport vehicles for them.

The Challenge

The technology and shipment visibility were important factors to this client and understanding how to use these with ease. At the time, client was struggling to see what was physically there – there was visibility that the client had the caravan booked but was not able to see when the caravans arrived and where they arrived to.

The Solution

Our team took the time to explain exactly how this process operates. It includes receiving details of a booking from the client's supplier, so we can create a booking in our database and send an email with the confirmation. Simultaneously, we create a record on ShipFromUK with the same reference, at this point the bookings shows the status ‘New Booking’. When the caravan makes any movement, these statuses change to match suit – showing ‘At Warehouse’ or ‘In Container’ to provide a deeper understanding over the shipment.

From here, clients can further track the vessels that their goods are on, as Unsworth have integrations across a global network of Ports and Carriers and using the on-board AIS transponder that gives ship location, speed, heading and course, we are able to give up to date details. This is updated multiple times per day, so you can rest assured that the information is completely up to date.

The Result

The client really understood the process much better and were confident in using the technology platform to track their vessels. Communication became streamlined for them, as they were spending less time chasing shipment information and instead able to access it themselves directly.

Our technology platform Pathway can simplify more than shipment visibility. It gives clients the opportunity to manage data and movements all in one simple place. Realtime data means that endless Excel documents and spreadsheets can become a thing of the past and simple drag and drop calendar functionality allows for simple shipment bookings.

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