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Fulton Hogan


Fulton Hogan are specialists in construction across New Zealand and Australia, offering services such as surfacing and transport within sectors like roads, bridges and energy. Sharing similar ethics to us here at Unsworth RV, Fulton Hogan put their people and sustainable initiatives at the forefront, driving wellbeing, diversity and innovation through their work.

The Challenge

We had the pleasure of working with Fulton Hogan previously to secure their movement of a vehicle from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. The client was so pleased with the service that before completion of the first job, we had already been asked to provide another service.

The client had to move a further two caravans, as opposed to a single unit and was looking for clarification on the best way to do so. The challenge was to squeeze a 4-berth campervan and a 2-berth caravan into a single container to maximise the use of space.

The Solution

Our expert team were able to offer a few options for the client within a 40’ container. It was important for Fulton Hogan to know the internal length of the container, with safe packing guidance and space allocated. Using a simple equation, we were able to provide the client with the total available load space. It’s important to note that when loading multiple caravans, the rear of caravan 2 sits above the A-frame of caravan 1.

In order to increase the available space, we suggested that we could remove the anti-sway hitch from one of the caravans. This is a simple process where 4 bolts are undone and the rod connecting the handbrake is disconnected. The handbrake settings are not changed to keep re-assembly as simple a process as possible.

There was even a third option offered to the clients, where removal of the A Frame from one of the caravans creates even more flexibility when it comes to loading, however, required a fair amount of work in reassembly in New Zealand.

The Result

With the many options given to the client, we managed to find one that suited them well and they were happy with the information provided. We continued on to offer to put them in touch with some dealers and agents should they be looking to source caravans. This led to a successful transaction for our client with a reliable dealer and the safe and efficient movement of 3 caravans.

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