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  1. Applying for vehicle import approval 
  2. Australian quarantine regulations
  3. Ship a car to Australia 
  4. Arriving in Australia  
  5. Customs clearance 
  6. Meet import approval conditions and vehicle registration  
  7. Enjoy driving your car on Australia roads!


What do I need to know about car shipping to Australia?

Before importing a car into Australia, there are a number of regulations you need to be aware of factors such as the age of your car, origin, and status of importer, all help determine whether your car can be shipped to the destinations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle Melbourne and Sydney in Australia and what documentation you will need. 

Australia has very strict safety and emissions standards that need to be adhered to. While modification work that may be required in order to ship your car to Australia can be expensive, it is not required if you fall into the following categories:

  • The car has been owned and used in the country of origin by yourself for more than 12 months
  • The car was originally made or sold in Australia, and has the compliance plate fitted during manufacture
  • The car was built prior to January 1st 1989
  • The car is newly purchased, already in compliance with Australian safety and emissions regulations

If you are unsure which option may be the most appropriate for your circumstances, the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport has created a handy eligibility assessment for importing cars into Australia.


1) Applying for Vehicle Import Approval

Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) must be obtained prior to arrival in order to ship a car to Australia. Applications usually take from 4-6 weeks to process and be returned. You can also apply for VIA online, where an AU$50 fee is charged.

If you are only importing a car to Australia temporarily, VIA is not required but a Carnet de Passage is.


2) Australian quarantine regulations

After receiving VIA, the next step before you ship your car to Australia is to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned. Upon arrival, the Australian Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will inspect your car for cleanliness. If grime, soil, plant matter or seeds are found on your car, you will incur both cleaning costs and delays to your shipment. In our experience, areas that are often overlooked include: Tyres and spare, wheel arches, mud guard, boot, corners of engine bay, insects in radiator and cooling fan, and cobwebs!

ShipFromUK can arrange cleaning on your behalf to ensure a smooth passing through the quarantine inspection. More information can be found on the DAFF site.


3) Ship a car to Australia

We require a few items to ship your car to Australia, these include:

  • A copy of the V5 license document
  • A copy of your passport photo page
  • A copy of the valid MOT certificate (if collection is requested)


4) Arriving in Australia

After your car has left the origin port, we will provide you with a Bill of Lading, along with expected arrival date and contact details for our shipping agents in Australia. Charges payable at destination include Customs Entry & Classification, AQIS Lodgement fee, Import processing fee, and Container transfer and unpacking.


5) Customs clearance

Once your car has reached Australia, it must then be cleared through customs based on the value of the vehicle. For more information on how the customs value of your imported road vehicle is determined please refer to the Guide to the Valuation of Imported Road Vehicles.

Payment of Import duty and GST is also required:




Cars up to 30 years old



Cars over 30 years old



4×4, off road and commercial cars




For more information on respect to the Duty and GST for vehicle import to AU please refer to


Paying Luxury Car Tax 

The value above which the LCT becomes payable is the LCT threshold. The LCT threshold is a GST inclusive value which, for the 2014/15 financial year, is set at $61,884. 

Please see below an example how the Duty, GST and LCT are calculated.

Imported New Luxury Car



Customs Value (CV)



Customs Duty = 5% x CV

= 0.05 x 56,000


Transport and Insurance (T&I)



VoTI  (CV+Duty+T&I)

= 56,000 + 2,800 + 1,500


GST = 10% x VoTI

= 0.10 x 60,300


Luxury car value (LCV) = (GST+VoTI)

= 6,030 + 60,300


LCT = (LCV-LCT threshold) x 10/11 x 0.33

= 66,330-61,884 x 10/11 x 0.33 



 2,800 + 6,030 + 1,333.80



6) Meet import approval Conditions and Vehicle registration

State Registration and Safety Compliance for car imports to the destinations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Femantle, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia

The majority of modern cars do not need costly modifications for them to meet Australian standards.

In our experience, the most common modifications (usually more cost effective to carry out in Australia) that are required are:

  • Child safety restraints – anchorage points to be fitted to every rear seat.
  • Seat belts – to be fitted to all seat positions.
  • Windscreens – heavily tinted windscreens or windows are not permitted.
  • Head restraints –front seats built after 1970 require built-in standard fitment head restraints.
  • Alarm immobiliser – an approved system must be fitted.
  • Rear vision (wing) mirrors – only flat non-tinted mirrored glass is acceptable (i.e. not convex), which cost no more than AU$50.
  • Speedometers – must be in kilometres per hour and cost roughly AU$200.


Application for identification plate approval and supply to the market approvals (if necessary)

Import Plate and Stamp Duty

After your vehicle has been registered, a 3rd copy of the import approval is sent to the engraving company who will provide the Personal Import Plate to be attached under the car bonnet. Number plates are provided by the Registration authority for a fee.

Please note: upon registration in some states, you are required to pay stamp duty ranging from 3% - 4% of the cars total value.


7) Enjoy driving your car on Australia roads!

Our car shipping experts will happily walk you through the entire procedure for importing a car to the destinations Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle in Australia.

Feel free to get an online car shipping to Australia quote or contact us on +44 (0)20 8988 8094 or if you have any further questions.




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