We offer direct weekly caravan shipping from Felixstowe and Southampton, UK to Kaohsiung or Keelung, Taiwan.

Transit times are only 35 days port to port!

Importing a caravan to Taiwan?

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4 Easy steps on importing a caravan to Taiwan

  1. Buying a caravan in the UK
  2. Preparing for loading
  3. Inside the container
  4. Arrival


1) Buying a caravan in the UK

When buying a caravan from the UK you need to make sure that what you pay is what you get. That’s why we are here to offer you a solution. Being the only NCC approved freight forwarder in the UK, we’ll be glad to make you an introduction to our trustable caravan dealers we currently work with. With their qualified engineers they can inspect and supply any caravans from the UK, not being limited to the available stock.

The way it works is that you’ll advise the make and model of the caravan you are looking to import to Kaohsiung and Keelung in Taiwan, and they will do a comprehensive check on your behalf for:

  • Presence of any hidden damages or drawbacks
  • Outstanding finance
  • Recorded as stolen
  • Written off as a result of damage or theft

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2) Preparing for loading

Once we receive the caravan to export to Taiwan in our dedicated loading facilities in Felixstowe or Southampton, our specialised staff will prepare a condition report. We will make pictures available for you online of the caravan’s outside, inside, any damages, dents, scratches, etc. This will serve as proof that the condition of the caravan hasn’t changed on arrival.

The caravan will then be protected using paddings all around, secured, lashed and loaded inside the container using our patented loading methods. You can individually monitor the whole process through our website.


3) Inside the container

Once the caravan is inside the container it will be loaded on the quickest direct transit to Taiwan. Its position on the water on its way to Taiwan can be seen with the click of a button. Our specialised website comes equipped with a live tracking feature to locate your caravan on its way to destination, accessible via your personal account.  

How do you ship your caravans to Kaohsiung and Keelung, Taiwan?

The safest and most competitive way to ship caravans to Taiwan is to ship them in a container.
Our experienced staff have loaded caravans in containers for the last 15 years.

It goes as follows:

1. Once the caravan arrives to our premises, it is checked in on an Ipad, thus you can instantly see pictures of the caravan and the condition report.

2. We’ll prepare the caravan for loading:
            - At request we will undertake a steam cleaning of the caravan body to ensure it arrives clean 
            - We’ll protect the body caravan with paddings all around
            - We’ll place silica gels inside of the caravan thus all the moisture is absorbed and the mould cannot be formed in the long transit
            - If required we’ll remove the rear lights, aerial, to give more tolerance between the caravan and the container walls

3. Then the caravan will be professionally secured, lashed and loaded in the container. 

Due to our patented loading methodology, we can ensure a free of damage in transit to our customers.


4) Arrival

Once the caravan arrives to Taiwan, our overseas agent will take care of the import procedure. The caravan will be customs cleared and passed through the local import procedure.

The next step is to pay the Taiwanese Taxes:

  • Import Duty: 5% of FOB value
  • GST: 15% of (CIF Value + Customs Duty )


What will happen once the caravan arrives to Taiwan?

Once you have purchased your desired caravan and shipped it to Kaohsiung or Keelung, Taiwan, there are a few steps to go through to complete the caravan importation, from the moment the vessel arrives to destination:

  1. The container will be unloaded from the vessel and will be delivered to a customs bonded warehouse
  2. The caravan will be customs cleared
  3. The Taiwanese Taxes have to be paid
  4. Application for license plates and caravan examination should be undertaken
  5. Register the caravan in order to use it on the Taiwanese roads.


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