Respected member of the National Caravan Council (NCC)

For over 70 years, the NCC has been a highly recognised part of the caravanning industry. They are the official UK trade body for “…the tourer, motorhome, caravan holiday home and park home industries.”

NCC approved member caravan shipping

As one of the only freight forwarding NCC approved members, we exude what it means to be part of this not-for-profit organisation. We ensure our customers:

  • Are professionally supplied with a quality service
  • Remain well supported throughout the entire process
  • Receive a fair trade

ShipFromUK has adopted the NCC mission statement and as such we provide “…leadership through a centre of expertise…” obtained through our 43 years of service as a freight forwarding company. We offer support for vehicle shipping, with our dedicated pages for caravan shipping to New Zealandcaravan shipping to Australia and caravan shipping to South Korea. We have chosen to focus on the countries with the largest markets for caravan imports and as such feel we provide our customers with the most beneficial service for the evolution of their businesses. 

We work closely with other NCC approved members to ensure the caravan you intend to ship overseas, is both safe and legal. To safeguard your purchase the NCC operates a Product Approval Scheme that involves:

  • Independent inspectors running a number of thorough checks on new caravans
  • Inspecting a variety of gas and electrical components to ensure your purchase is safe to use. Some elements which will be examined include: tyres, fridge, ventilation, water system and heater, reflectors, road lights, fire exits, weights and dimensions… to name a few.

As a NCC member ShipFromUK are entitled to several benefits, which we share with our customers. These include the Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS) that is owned by the NCC. This scheme is similar to the way in which the DVLA operates and provides both a registration certificate and an acknowledgement that you are the caravan’s keeper. As all caravans that are manufactured by NCC associates are registered with the CRiS, they can all be easily identified using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Therefore, when purchasing a second-hand caravan CRiS can easily identify the vehicle and ensure it hasn’t been stolen, previously “written-off” or have any outstanding finance. Saving you both time and money! also regularly attend the Motorhome & Caravan Show, at the NEC in Birmingham.


Interested in purchasing a caravan from the UK?

We are specialist service providers to the caravanning industry and as such our NCC status helps assure potential customers that we deal fairly.