Importing a Lunar caravan to Australia

Posted by on 29 December 2015 | Comments

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The challenge of importing a Lunar caravan to AU

Organising the import process of a caravan usually takes a couple of weeks, especially through the tough import regulations in Australia. At ShipFromUK we know how tricky importing a caravan to Australia can be and that is why our dedicated team of experts always offer you the best advice and guidance through the whole process. Last month we were contacted by an uninitiated importer, who needed assistance with importing a Lunar caravan to Australia.


What solution we offer to our client? 

Our team provided a comprehensive door-to-door service to make sure the Lunar caravan reached Australia safely. Before loading the Lunar caravan we took some high quality photographs of the vehicle. Afterwards, our experts removed any protruding items and attached foam bumpers to the exterior parts of the caravan to ensure the highest protection.

The entire caravan import process was hassle free for our client as we assisted him through all customs clearance and Duty and Tax procedures.

At arrival to Australia, the caravan was unpacked and cleaned and went through a complete inspection. Once the vehicle passed the inspection, our partners delivered it to the accorded destination. 

One of the most appreciated extra services was the door-to-door delivery. It is such a time saving progress, I could focus on my other projects. Many other companies don’t offer this extra service which is great, this was one of the main reasons I chose for ShipFromUK.”  J.L.


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