Car shipping to Singapore

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Need car import services to Singapore? We have been exporting cars from the UK to Singapore for the last 12 years. We can guide you through the entire process of shipping cars to Singapore.


car shipping to singapore


Save and Compare: Free online quotes

Unwind: We offer UK collection and door delivery in Singapore 

Ease your mind: Track your vehicle online every step of the way

Relax: We’ll ensure clean sailing through customs on both ends

Rest assured: Our patented loading systems and 40 year commitment to quality ensure your vehicle remains 100% safe with us.

Save Money: We offer multipoint inspections and garage repairs prior to departure ensuring your vehicle sails through a LTA mechanical inspection.

Save More Money: We can help you claim back the UK VAT (20%) 



All motor vehicles imported into Singapore, whether new or used, must abide by certain regulations, listed below. can assist in aiding your vehicle to meet the majority of these guidelines



Guidelines all imported vehicles need to meet:

  • Vehicles imported for personal use must be less than 3 years old. (The vehicle’s age is taken from the date it was first registered, outside of Singapore)

Exceptions include cars imported under the Classic Vehicle Scheme, although these must be at least 35 years old and those imported under the Vintage Vehicle Scheme, although these must have been manufactured prior to January 1st 1940.

  • Prior to vehicles registration, it must pass a LTA mechanical inspection. Requirements include:
    • Ensuring safety glass does not contain a coating of metallic oxide
    • Ensuring safety glass does not have less than 70% light transmittance
    • Certification that the vehicles exhaust emissions complies with European Directive 91/441/EEC or Article 31 of the Japanese Safety Regulation.
    • Ensuring the vehicles brake and clutch lining is asbestos free.
    • Ensuring the vehicles air conditioning is free from CFC.
    • Ensuring the vehicles front and rear safety belts are approved.
  • All vehicles imported into Singapore must be right-hand drive.
  • All vehicles imported into Singapore must have the ability to use unleaded petrol.



Procedures and regulations to import a motorcycle are similar to that of importing cars into Singapore. Except for a few significant differences: 

  • Customs duty based on the OMV is lower than car imports
  • All motorcycles must comply with exhaust emission standards stated in the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 86.410-80), native to the U.S.

Note: Exhaust emission testing is not available in Singapore.

  • Reduced ARF based on the OMV compared with car imports

Once all the documentation for the above has been provided we are then able to handle the customs clearance and most importantly the shipping of your vehicle from the UK to Singapore. All you need to do is sit back and relax!


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