Weekly car shipping services to New Zealand from the UK to Auckland, Christchurch, Napier, Port Calmers, Tauranga and Wellington.


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  1. Free Online Quotes: With no nasty surprises
  2. Delivery & Collection: We do UK and NZ door-to-door pick up and delivery 
  3. Shipment Tracking: Monitor your cargo's progress online every step of the way to New Zealand
  4. Customs Clearance: We'll ensure smooth sailing through customs on both ends to UK and New Zealand 
  5. Safety: Our patented loading systems mean we have a 100% damage free record
  6. Speed: Our 38 day transit time from UK to New Zealand makes us uncatchable to the competition  
  7. Quality: Our over 40 year commitment to quality means your car shipping to New Zealand is in safe hands 
  8. Repairs: We can do pre-shipping repair where required 
  9. Save Money: Cars in New Zealand are much more expensive than European models and on average we're 15% cheaper than the competition
  10. Save More Money: We can help you claim back the UK VAT (20%)


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Want to Import Cars from the UK to NZ?

If this is your first time car shipping to NZ from the UK then you should read the information below. But if it sounds confusing then don't worry; that's what we're here for. We've been doing this for over 43 years, and there's nothing about shipping cars from the UK to NZ that we don't know. If you've got any questions then just pick up the phone, send an email, or use our live chat service on the website. 

New Zealand Arrival Charges May Include:

Port Service and Security Fees

Unpacking and Delivery Charges

MPI Inspection Fee

MPI Cleaning Fee (if MPI Inspection is not passed)

NZTA Inspection Fee

Customs Clearance and Documentation Charges

Import GST and Duty (there is no duty on cars, only caravans and motorhomes)

Vehicle Registration Fee (vehicle on road compliance and registration) 


The Following Paperwork may be required:

Statement of Compliance to New Zealand Standards (to be obtained from the manufacturer directly) 

A purchase receipt showing the total price paid and the date of purchase. 

Proof of the date the vehicle was handed in for shipping and the odometer reading, ie a condition report or bill of lading.  

Proof of ownership or title to vehicle (original UK V5 registration document)

A Certificate of Permanent Export 


Import cars from the UK to NZ: Taxes and Duties in New Zealand

There is a tax exemption for first time immigrants with Residence Visa/Permit and returning NZ residents who have been out of NZ more than 22 months, having owned and used the car for at least one year prior to import. For other customers, tax (GST) is normally calculated as followed: 15% of (Purchase price + depreciation + freight + insurance). Passenger vehicles are duty free.

New Zealand MPI Inspection

New Zealand is known as having some of the toughest biosecurity regulations in the world. These state that all cars to New Zealand must be free of contamination both internally and externally of the vehicle. The car must not have any biosecurity risk organisms present when it enters New Zealand. Every vehicle is inspected to ensure that the vehicle is clean and free of risk contaminants. Vehicles presented in a condition not meeting the standards must be decontaminated / cleaned to rid the vehicle of contamination prior to entry into New Zealand.

NZTA Structural Inspection

All the cars to New Zealand must meet specific safety requirements regardless if they are exported/ imported for private or commercial purpose. All vehicles are subject to a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) border inspection, completed by an approved party. This highlights whether there is any damage that affects the structural integrity of the vehicle. Without completing this inspection the vehicle cannot be legally registered for use in NZ. In New Zealand all imported vehicles must further undergo the Vehicle Entry Certification process, which includes a thorough physical inspection highlighting the vehicles safety performance. A representative of the NZTA completes this inspection. Once the vehicle has successfully completed the entry certification process, it can legally be registered for use on New Zealand roads.

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Useful Contacts & Links for car shipping to NZ Car Shipping FAQs

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA): Government body ensuring vehicle compliance to local standards
Website | Guide on car shipping to NZ | Vehicle Border Inspection Manual

Ministry for Primary Industries: Government body controlling biosecurity issues, including MPI inspection (formerly handled by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Biosecurity New Zealand)

Website | Tool for checking MPI Inspection status for imported vehicles

New Zealand Customs
Website | Advice on Private Motor Vehicle Import | Custom clearance Online Declaration