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When importing vehicles to Cyprus they can be placed in two categories:

  • Temporary imports (No registration required)
  • Long-term imports (Registration in Cyprus required)



Guidelines for short-term vehicle imports into Cyprus vary depending on European Union status.

Non - EU country temporary vehicle imports

  • Vehicles imported into Cyprus from a third country can be driven during a temporary stay.
  • Temporary use is limited to six months per year, continuous or otherwise.

Exceptions apply for certain groups, including students in Cyprus, applicants assigned a task for a fixed duration and applicants that have revised their decision and chosen to reside in Cyprus.

  • Vehicles exported after a temporary stay are exempt from Cypriot custom duty, excise duty or VAT charges.
  • Applicants are limited to one vehicle per year.
  • Vehicles imported into Cyprus must be registered in a third country or owned by a person residing in a third country.

Eu country temporary vehicle imports

  • Temporary use is limited to six months per year, continuous or otherwise.
  • Vehicles with EU registration documents and number plates are exempt from excise duty or VAT.

Only applicable if the vehicle was taxed in its home country.

Restrictions that apply to all temporary vehicle imports

  • Temporary vehicle imports to Cyprus cannot be lent, rented, sold or disposed of.
  • While in Cyprus, all temporary vehicle imports must be insured.
  • All applicants with temporary vehicle imports must hold a valid license.
  • Within six months of entering Cyprus the temporary imported vehicle must be exported, stored by customs, destroyed under customs supervision, be given to customs or be cleared through customs.


Guidelines for long-term vehicle imports into Cyprus can be complicated, especially if the vehicle is foreign to Cyprus, therefore assistance is recommended. ShipFromUK are always here to help.

Import regulations

  • Applicants importing left-hand drive vehicles must have owned the vehicle for a minimum of 180 days prior to its arrival in Cyprus.
  • Applicants may only import left-hand drive vehicles if they have not lived in Cyprus for minimum of 5 years prior to their arrival.
  • Vehicles imported from EU countries do not require any customs procedures before entering Cyprus.

 Please note: A declaration must be made within 24hrs of arrival.

 Vehicles imported from EU countries may be exempt from duty and VAT. However restrictions apply:

  • The applicant must become a Cyprus resident.
  • Applicants have 1 year to import their vehicle after becoming a Cyprus resident.
  • The vehicle must be for personal use only.
  • The applicant and their family members must not work in Cyprus.
  • Only one imported vehicle per person is allowed.
  • The applicant must have owned and used the vehicle in their previous residence for a minimum of 6 months before residing in Cyprus.
  • The applicant must have driven the vehicle a minimum of 6,000km before entering Cyprus.
  • Prior to entering Cyprus taxes must have been paid in the EU state the vehicle is being transferred from.

Please note: Vehicles will not be eligible for duty and VAT exemption if they have already received relief in another EU country.

  • After receiving a duty and tax exemption vehicles will require approval from the Director of Customs before they can be sold, rented, lent or destroyed. 

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