For extra peace of mind, look out for our optional car shipping extras:


ShipfromUK.com in collaboration with our partner, we can appoint an approved mechanic to complete a full vehicle multipoint inspection before shipping your car.

This is an extremely thorough process. We take into account 28 factors when inspecting your car. These include the car’s electrical features, the bonnet, the tyres, the accessories contained within, the body of the car and the parts beneath its exterior.

Our approved mechanic will suggest any repair work needed for your car to ensure there are no pre existing faults with your car prior to shipment. Alongside any estimated cost.  

This is a unique offer, which enables your car to arrive at its destination ready for sale or use, without having to wait for parts to bring it up to specification. 

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You might need to repair some items when shipping your car. If those items fall under the manufacturer’s warranty, it can be arranged by us directly. This allows us to deal with any outstanding recall issues. As a result there is a small transfer / admin charge to pay.

There is a possibility that some of the repairs can be carried out under the car’s manufacturer warranty. If not repairs will be undertaken in-house at our Ipswich garage facility.


Our expert team will conduct all basic garage repairs, including brand matching tyres, changing any light bulbs and topping up oil before shipping your car from the UK.

The mechanic’s charges will be added to your total invoice, payable at destination when the car is ready for delivery/collection. You will be able to see an itemised summary of the repairs made on each car and be able to approve repairs on an item to item basis.


When shipping your car, it is insured from the point of collection until it reaches the port. We offer additional marine shipping insurance, which can be requested when you place a quote enquiry. ShipFromUK also employ various loading methods to encourage a safer transit for your car.

If you ship your car as a private individual, we will put you in contact with our insurance company who will be arranging the insurance on your behalf.


A HPI check will protect you. It can identify many factors relating to a UK car, based on the number plate. If you are shipping your car, this can save you from losing your car and your money. It will also guard you against purchasing a car with serious mechanical faults that may cost you your life. We will check your car against:

  • Outstanding Financesecure car shipping from uk
  • Recorded as stolen
  • Written-off (deemed non-repairable) as a result of damage or theft
  • Previously declared a total loss, but has passed an independent structural examination via an Inspection report.
  • Clocked so the vehicles mileage has been changed

We also check your car’s identity, so that the look, age, VIN number and V5 form for the car match the number plate. This is to prevent ringers (using a registration from a written-off car) or cloned car (a stolen car given the identity of a legitimate car)

HPI also offer a service to view your car’s performance data. This will inform you of how economical your purchase is. In terms of fuel, road tax, maximum speed etc.


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