WORLDWIDE AIR FREIGHT SERVICE FROM THE UK is the only specialist website designed to assist you with the shipping of your vehicle from the UK to over 500 worldwide destinations. Based in London Heathrow, our Airfreight operation works with all airlines. As an established IATA Cargo Agent, is part of a worldwide distribution network. We therefore provide a fully comprehensive, direct and frequent Air Freight service, recommended for vehicles that are high in value or those in need of a quicker transit.

Customers who would benefit from this service include:

  • Car Dealers who have customers waiting for exclusive imports
  • International Racing Events who need to export cars on temporary permits
  • Anyone who has a time sensitive vehicle shipment.
  • Smaller and mid-sized companies interested in participating in international trade in an expeditious and effective manner.


shipfromuk air freight

Customers who have their vehicles forwarded by air benefit from:

  • Speed: The majority of flights ShipFromUK operate with are direct. This ensures vehicles arrive at their destination port within hours of leaving the UK. This is therefore an ideal service for urgent shipments.
  • Frequency: ShipFromUK offer daily services to most destinations worldwide. This is beneficial for customers with regular car movements.
  • Reliability: The Air Freight Service offered by ShipFromUK provides highly reliable departure and arrival times.
  • Security: Due to tightly managed airport controls over cargo, a high level of security is delivered. This is beneficial for exporters of expensive vehicles as it ensures you are in safe hands.
  • Low-cost: Insurance rates for air cargo are considerably cheaper due to high levels of security and shorter transit times.
  • Multiple Destinations: Airlines operate over a large network, which spans the world and often share air waybills providing shippers with an easy transit.
  • Savings: With the quicker transit times of Air Freight there is less need for warehousing vehicles. Customs clearance, Cargo inspection, Cargo handlers and storage facility layouts are also more efficient, meaning most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.
  • More Money: Quicker transit times, also allow shippers to free any capital which may have otherwise been tied up waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

Over the last 43 years, the Air Freight industry has grown exponentially, with expanding trade networks and markets. It is now one of the most efficient means to ship both internationally and nationally. 

Our comprehensive service offers:

  • Hassle-free UK collection
  • Booking of a direct service airline (where applicable)
  • Prompt and efficient customs clearance and delivery services.
  • Airline security and hazardous goods checks
  • Safe and accurate handling of consignments both on the ground and in the air. (1 day advance vehicle preparation – secured to an airfreight palette)
  • Our experienced personnel control of all areas of operation including: initial booking; order chasing, expedition and customs clearance.
  • Hassle-free delivery to over 500 worldwide destinations.

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