Why get Marine insurance when shipping your car?

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Even if most of the time shipping your car goes well and your car arrives safe to destination, it may be not always the case.

According to the World Shipping Council on average 10,000 out of 120,000,000 containers shipped every year are lost overboard (nearly one container an hour).

When it comes to cars, approximately 5% of the cars shipped each year are damaged during transport’s operations. 

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We highly recommend to insure your car before shipping it.

Our Car Marine Transit Insurance covers the full value of your vehicle in case of loss or damage while on the water or in transit/ storage as well as to and from port terminal.


Covering your car is as easy as ticking a box!

First, you need to get a quote here

Just fill the needed information related to your shipment and click on ‘Get my quote’. Now, you just need to add any optional extras you may want (don’t forget to tick the box ‘Car Marine Transit Insurance’ here!).

Remember that despite getting Car Marine Transit Insurance is optional, as your car moves, it’s potentially subject to loss value due to the existing risks on sea or on shore. This means that you will be financial responsible for your loss. Better to be safe than sorry!

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If you need any further information about our Car Marine Transit Insurance or have any other enquiries please contact us at +44 (0)20 8988 8094  or info@shipfromuk.com.

What other extra services SFUK offers?

-          Pre-shipment Vehicle Multipoint Inspection

-          Silica Gel Moisture Absorbers

-          HPI Check