What is an HPI Check?

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HPI checks produces a report of a car’s past history, involving details of the car and information the seller may not have known or wanted you not to know. These information’s are often held and taken from finance companies, insurance companies, government vehicle agency and even the police. HPI checks would often be your first line of defence against potential fraudulent vehicles, hence the importance of carrying out an HPI check.

HPI Check


Why are checks important?

  • 1 in 3 cars are known to have a hidden past
  • 1 in 4 cars still have an outstanding debt
  • 30 cars a day are alerted as being stolen


What checks are included?

HPI checks scan through everything to do with the car and its history, allowing potential car buyers to see a full report entailing potential harmful hidden information revolving the car.

Here are some important HPI checks which you must see:

  • Outstanding Debt: The car buyer will claim full liability of a car purchased without its previous finance agreements being settled. Note finance companies could repossess the car at any point.
  • Theft: Stolen vehicles remain in the property of those which it was taken from. Car buyers could potentially lose the money they paid if they have purchased a stolen vehicle.
  • Written off: 4% of vehicles that undergo a HPI check are found to have been written off due to damage/theft. Car buyers must take extra precautions to ensure a repaired vehicle is reliable and safe to drive.
  • Logbook checks: Logbooks and V5C registration documents are often stolen and cloned to hide a cars history. Buyers must ensure that the logbook belongs to the car they’re buying.
  • Number plate transfer: Number plate changes are often done to personalise a car. However, caution must be taken as they are also used to hide a cars history.


What doesn’t show up on an HPI check?

HPI checks don’t show you everything you may want to know. For example, the checks reveal the number of previous owners a car has had but this doesn’t necessarily determine the legitimacy of a car or how those previous owners used it.

Additionally, the HPI checks disclose details about a cars previous accident or its service history. These information can only be obtained by the seller if they know or by your own inspector.


Do you want our Advice on undergoing HPI checks?

HPI checks hands you all the information you need to know about a vehicle at a relatively low bargain price, allowing you to make a better purchasing decision. HPI checks may not be necessary if you’re buying from a friend which you know well or from an established car dealer in which could provide you the car buyer which a free HPI check report.


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