Top 5 Car shipping questions

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If this is your first venture into car shipping, or even if you just need a refresher, you’ll find our Top 5 Car Shipping Questions a good place to start.

Below please find the answers to common questions customers have when shipping a car. Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact one of our car shipping specialists for further assistance or take a look at our dedicated car shipping FAQs page.


1)  What are my options when it comes to car shipping?

SFUK provide three options to ship your car:

  • Containerised by itself inside a single 20ft container or shared 40ft container.
  • RoRo (Roll On / Roll Off) service (similar to a large car ferry).
  • Air Freight which is used mainly for high value cars.


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2) Do I need a current road tax license?

Current road tax licensing is not required as we would collect using trade plates. You would only require MOT (confirmation that car is road worthy) if driven collection is arranged. MOT is not required for collection on a transporter.


3)  What do you require upon delivery/collection?

We will require a copy (or colour scan) of your registration document or Certificate of Permanent Export (if you have already notified DVLA) and your sales/purchase commercial invoice as proof of ownership.


4)  Can I ship something else in the same container?

You certainly can. We regularly ship cars with personal effects, motorbikes and even sailing boats. There is only one rule – please always check with us before you decide to ship something else with a car, as there will be additional charges and certain restrictions to consider.

Personal effects need to be properly packed in order to be acceptable for shipping. If unsure, feel free to contact us.


5)  Do I need to insure the car for shipment?

You do not have to, but Marine Insurance covering the full value of the goods is highly recommended. We will be happy to arrange this for you. In some cases we will refer you directly to our insurance broker if we feel they are better positioned to assist. This extra is available at the time of requesting a quote.

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