Guide to ship UK Caravans to Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ)

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We have helped many people ship UK Caravans to Australia and New Zealand over our 40+ years within the logistics sector. 

Are you planning to ship your UK caravan to Australia or New Zealand?

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  • The first step is to purchase a UK caravan. If you have not yet purchased your caravan, simply visit this website and fill in the form on the home page with the details      of your dream caravan. will help you source the best British caravans. will then provide hassle-free shipping to your doorstep. To help with the sometimes confusing process, our caravan shipping experts have compiled a guide, detailing how to prepare and ship your UK caravan! 



  • For the transport we – ShipFromUK - will collect the purchased caravans from all United Kingdom addresses. You are free to deliver your caravan to our nominated depots located in:

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Please note: The cleanliness and condition of all caravans will be thoroughly checked before collecting them or accepting them at our depot. The details for the inspection can be viewed on our online platform. 


  • Your caravan will undertake a number of preparations before it is shipped. These will ensure it arrives safely and pass through customs at the destination. 

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  • The protruding items that were removed before shipping will be re-attached at destination. We offer full assistance with local customs clearance processes, as well as Duty and Tax producers. 


Australian process

In Australia (AU) every vehicle has to go through a very strict quarantine inspection. As mentioned before, if required, we can arrange cleaning prior to shipment. This makes it easier to pass the inspection; nonetheless there is no guarantee for an automatic pass.

The Department of Environment also has strict regulations in place for any type of vehicle import, especially when it comes to air conditioning and refrigerators.

The Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport requires you to apply for a permit to import your caravan. Our experienced team can arrange this for you, prior to shipping.

To ensure the caravan will be accepted into Australia, you must provide the following information:

  • Sales invoice
  • Picture of Manufacture Plate
  • Picture of Weight Plate
  • Pictures and description (this can be curtained on the invoice)
  • Air conditioning Yes/No (If yes, picture of Gas Plate)
  • Fridge Yes/No (If yes, picture of Fridge Plate, inside the fridge door)
  • Copy of Import Permit

To avoid difficulties when arriving in Australia, ShipFromUK offer the option to prepay the destination costs prior to shipping. This includes:

  • Port Service and Security Charges
  • Unpacking and Delivery Charges
  • Quarantine Inspection Fees
  • Customs Clearance Fees
  • Documentation Fees


New Zealand Process

Caravans arriving in New Zealand also have to go through a procedure of cleaning, as well as a Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) Inspection. This to make sure there are no foreign microorganisms that could endanger the New Zealand environment.

In New Zealand there are destination costs, which must be paid. ShipFromUK allows customers to prepay the arrival destination costs in the UK, which results again in time savings. This includes:

  • Port Service and Security Charges
  • Unpacking and Delivery Charges
  • MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries
  • MPI Cleaning Charges
  • Customs Clearance Fees
  • Documentation Fees

Import GST at 15% and Duty at 5% need to be paid for each unit on their landed value.