Four Australian car dealers accused of odometers tampering on imported used cars

Posted by on 14 March 2016 | Comments

After two years of investigation on a Sydney car dealer the NSW Police finally proved that the odometers of imported used cars from Japan were digitally modified.

The dealer has seen its business immediately closed up. And three other Australian car dealers are facing sanctions.

The de-registration certificates from the Japan’s Bureau of Transportation will be used to compare the odometer readings with those of the vehicles now. 

One of the car dealer assured that the cars were tampered before being imported to Australia. Hence, he recommended Australia should follow New Zealand’s legislation and banning the import of cars with tempered odometers.

The fine for odometer tempering amounts to $20,000, and those who sell or try to sell cars with tempered odometers face up to 10 years of jail.

The majority of Australia’s used cars come from Japan where vehicles must be de-registered once they reach a certain age. However, it is difficult for Australian used car buyers to obtain de-registration documents (which detail a car’s previous use).


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Which car dealers are concerned by this scandal?

-          Dream Car City (A Japanese car imports specialist - It has been shut up immediately)

-          Edward Lee import (the so-called Australia’s number one import dealer)

-          Concord Business

-          Prestige Auto Centre

-          Master Cars (Blacktown)


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