Electric Vehicles Revolution

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Since a few years we can talk about a revolution in the car market: Electric vehicles also called ‘EVs’.

This type of vehicles will obviously play a significant role in the make-up of our vehicles fleet in the future.

If some countries are already big EVs users other have difficulties to change to the Electric way of transport.


But why people are reluctant to EVs?

Electric vehicles are just a little part of our fleet and the evolution is very slow. Even if people think that electric cars are a great idea, they don’t seem to be willing to buy them. It may be because EVs are too expensive and there are just few plugs to charge EVs or because there are not yet enough choice of models.

However things are changing and more quickly than we think. There are some huge assets of using electric vehicles at a personal, national or even international level.

At the personal level driving an EV will, first of all, help you save money. Indeed, after using an electric car during 6 months you will notice that with a similar capital cost, you have only a fraction of the running costs of a ‘normal’ car and this doing the same mileage in similar conditions. Moreover, driving an EV is a real comfort, no noise and the same performance as a ‘normal’ car. Finally, you will be using a non-pollutant car.

The world is becoming eco-aware, be part of this movement!


Zoom on New Zealand:

New Zealand seems to be one of the country best suited for EVs because of the big amount of electricity generated from renewable energy. The New Zealand government recognise this but for the moment nothing is really done to encourage people to turn to this green way of transportation.

Being Simon Bridge the minister of transport and at the same time the Energy and Resources minister is not a coincidence. This suggests that these two industries are related. He wants to develop a positive policy and take advantage of the opportunities that electric vehicles can bring to New Zealand.

Finally, the imported motor vehicle Industry Association is awaiting some facilities for plug-in cars in order to meet demand.

TOP 5 Country users of electric cars in 2015:

  1. Norway
  2. Netherlands
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. USA and France
  5. Germany

Tesla Electric Car

 Tesla electric car model

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