Car shipping to New Zealand: July Report

Posted by Jacky on 24 August 2015 | Comments

In July 2015 the total number of used cars imported to New Zealand reached 11,780. This number is the third lowest total of 2015. The year to date total is now at 87,594 units, a 9.2% increase over 2014’s total.

July report table3

94% of used cars imports this month are from Japan. The Japanese car imports amounted to 11,072, but still the total number is down compared to previous months. However, Australian imported cars have increased by 7% to 470 units, making July the month with the most used cars imported into New Zealand. The number of used import cars in Singapore and the USA has increased as well. Great Britain, with 63 units imported, no longer feature at third place as USA overtake the nation with a total of 92 cars imported into New Zealand.

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