Broaden your Horizons – Export your Caravan to Australia

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Most of the caravan owners based in the UK use their caravans only to travel around the country. When they want to travel further they choose organised tours. But once you experience the independence of travelling with your caravan it is difficult to follow a holiday schedule that you did not choose. To avoid this some people just rent a caravan at destination, but when you rent a caravan that you have chosen on pictures you do not really know what to expect. Exporting your caravan cost around half the price of renting one and a rented caravan won’t be ever as comfortable as your own caravan.

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Want to discover Australia and drive on its ways?

Export your caravan there! Thanks to ShipFromUK, exporting your caravan in Australian is a piece of cake!

We take care of you and your caravan during the different steps of the export to Australia process. ShipFromUK helps you with all the export process in order to spend the best holidays of your life in Australia, being free with your own caravan.

First of all you have to prepare you caravan. Before a long trip you need to be sure that your caravan is in perfect condition as caravan repairs are much cheaper in the UK.

Then, you will have to apply for a vehicle import approval. Vehicle import approval must be obtained prior to arrival in Australia. Applications usually take from 4-6 weeks to process and be returned.

During the next steps you have nothing to do we do everything for you. First we prepare your caravan for loading.  Once we receive your caravan in our dedicated loading facilities our specialised staff will prepare a condition report. We will make pictures available for you online of the caravan’s outside, inside, any damages… This will serve as a proof that the caravan conditions has not changed on arrival.

On your request, your caravan can also be cleaned to DAFF Inspection to ensure it will pass smoothly through Australian customs.

The caravan will be then protected and loaded inside the container. You can individually monitor the whole process through our website.

When the caravan arrives in Australia, our overseas agents will take care of the import procedure. The caravan will be customs cleared, passed through all inspection and prepared to be collected. 

Finally, we help you to get your caravan compliant to Australian regulations. Our overseas agent will guide you through the easiest and most cost effective way to get the caravan compliant. Major items to be done are: Plate registration, Gas compliance and electrical compliance.

Now you just need to ENJOY your trip! Do not forget to bring your car with your international driving licence and be careful on the road! Enjoy!  


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