10 driving rules in Australia

Posted by Jacky on 19 August 2015 | Comments

Planning to import your car into Australia?

If so, then you will find the list below of the 10 top Australian driving rules you should know before driving your car in Australia very helpful.

There are some important differences between Australia and UK driving rules. Have a look at our list and gain peace of mind!

Driving in Australia

  1. Keep driving on the left: Yes, Australian cars drive on the same side of the road as UK cars.
  2. Speed limits and metrics: The maximum limit on urban roads is 80kph. On most freeways and highways you can drive up to 100 kph. Be aware that 100kph is 55mph!
  3. Horns: Using your horn when you are frustrated with a traffic jam it’s seen as an offence. However, you can use it for instance when you need to warn other users that your car is approaching.
  4. Wildlife on the road: It’s common to see kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and emus when driving across Australia. Keep your eyes peeled and drive carefully!
  5. Be aware of distances: Australia is a larger country than many people believe. For travelling from Cains to Perth you would need to drive around 4,450 miles!
  6. Driving on unmarked roads: Before you get behind the wheel, check if you need permission to enter Aboriginal Lands or unmarked roads. Some places might have limited access.
  7. No people or animals on your lap: You will be fined for carrying a child or pet on your lap.
  8. Filling petrol: Petrol stations are far and few between in Australian outback. We recommend you to check beforehand the nearest petrol stations and also carry spare fuel.
  9. Drink aware: The legal limit in Australian roads is 0.05%.
  10. Give way to horses: This includes animals difficult to control or refusing to move on the road. When required by the driver you will have to wait on the side of the road until the horse is far enough from your way. 

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