shipfromuk export operations manager


Name: Alin

Job Title: Export Operations Manager

Favourite Car Brand: Bugatti

Alin has been working for for a little over 5 years. He manages the shipment of cars and caravans from the UK worldwide, in particular to New Zealand and Australia. This year has shipped more than 1600 cars and caravans, respectively. Out of those caravans, 1200 units were delivered to New Zealand and 400 to Australia. For Alin, the best moment is when he gets to ship his favourite car: “This week we’re shipping a £10m Bugatti, the most exclusive, elegant, and powerful four door automobile in the world.”


 senior export coordinator

Name: Dave

Job Title: Senior Export Coordinator

Favourite Car Brand: Jaguar

Dave has been working at the warehouse since July 2013. Together with the rest of the warehouse team, he takes care of the cars and caravans arriving in Felixstowe. At the depot, the loading process is controlled with iPads, which makes everything easier and smoother. “We ship a lot of Jaguars, which is exciting because it’s my favourite car brand, although I’ve never owned one. Maybe one day!” 
 warehouse supervisor


Name: Andy

Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor

Favourite Car Brand: BMW Convertible

Andy is part of the warehouse team based in Felixstowe, Ipswich. He is responsible for preparing the container prior to shipping and using the CCS service. Andy generally deals with adjusting caravans in the container, similar to those Su encountered when she attended the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC, in October 2013. He said “If I win the lottery, I would like a BMW convertible”.





 warehouse operator



Name: Chris 

Job Title: Warehouse operator

Favourite Car Brand: Audi A4 

Chris works in the warehouse depot. He’s responsible for vehicles entering the warehouse. In particular, he checks cars and caravans for any damage that may have occurred prior to shipment and takes pictures to document the process. He also has the fortunate job of carefully driving the majority of vehicles that enter the warehouse into their shipping containers. He claims: “My favourite car is the Audi A4. In fact, I’ve just purchased one!”