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"Hi, just wanted to touch base and thank you for all your assistance a couple of months back, all my questions were answered and they were answered promptly. We have imported our caravans and all went well. We will be hopefully doing it again around February next year and will be in touch as we would like to try your company again when that time comes. I am a little more educated on the process now and feel more confident in using a company like yours, I now know a little more about. Thank you and I will be in touch in February." A.C.


"Just wanted to thank ShipFromUK for everything. It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys and I will continue to recommend your services. Keep up the excellent work." J.H.


"Just letting you know that our caravan has arrived safe & sound! We have it parked at home (in Rotorua) after arrival at Tauranga on Wednesday last week. Thanks for your help; things went very smoothly with CFR; we basically didn’t have to do anything except pay the duty and GST for Customs. We will certainly recommend SFUK to our friends who are considering importing like we have." A.M.


"Thanks to all ShipFromUK team. I just received my car yesterday in perfect condition! Such a great pleasure doing business with you. Again thanks for your help and support." A.C.


"Rec'd with thanks.  It’s good to know the caravans are on the water.  I have been extremely happy with the service levels provided by you and the team at SFUK.  Will get the invoice sorted for you over the next few days." T.J.


"I received the RS4 today in perfect condition. Many thanks for handling this for me and in future I will have no hesitation in recommending your company and would be happy to use it again. Thanks to all your staff." S.H.


"Ten out of ten! Our caravan arrived to Australia safe and sound...we’ve been pleasantly surprised of how smooth the whole process has been. Will certainly use your services again. Thank you." B.G.


"Once again, thank you for handling the shipment of my BMW M3 in a very professional and efficient way. Great job!" M.M.


"We now have one of the caravans in our hands which is great! We were really pleased with how well packaged the first caravan was in the container and all our boxes etc. arrived unscathed so thank you to the team in Great Blakenham." T.B.


"It has been an absolutely pleasure working with you guys. Thanks particularly to Alin for your time and care!" C.K.


"I will definitely be using you again! You smoothed the shipment of my car so well...really appreciated." S.A.


"Just to say thank you for your help and advice! It was my first shipment and I couldn’t be happier with your services. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending ShipFromUK." T.P.


"Been using these guys for a while now...they always made my imports simple. Once again thanks to all team." S.M.


"Just collected my car in Perth yesterday. First time I shipped a caravan and these guys were just brilliant. Thanks for your patience." M.I.


"Thank you for your assistance in shipping my car to New Zealand!" J.W.