We export vehicles from the UK worldwide is the ONLY specialist website designed to assist you with the shipping of your vehicle from the UK to over 500 worldwide destinations. As a leading member of the British International Freight Association, you have the confidence that your vehicle is in safe hands. Our personalised online shipping platform ensures you're given real time updates about your shipment, every step of the way.



Step 1 - Request a quote online 

Tailor your quote to include:

  • Marine transit insurance (cover the full value of your cargo) 

uk caravan to au and nz with SFUK

  • Pre-shipment vehicle multipoint inspection (identify any issues that can be rectified prior to leaving the UK, saving you time and money!)

  • Ship as hazardous (we will not disconnect the battery)

  • Destination charges (simply turn up at port to collect your shipment)

  • 20% VAT recovery assistance (if your vehicle is VAT Qualifying)

  • Silica Gel Moisture Absorbers (to keep that clean smell)

  • Exterior wash (recommended during the winter months)

  • Extra photos of the vehicle (for your website): Our trained personnel will complete a thorough report detailing the condition of the vehicle's exterior as it is delivered into our facility. They will also take photographs to confirm their report and create an audit trail. This report is available online immediately to allow you to review the unit’s actual received condition and resolve any queries with the seller prior to the unit loading.


Step 2 - Hassle Free UK Delivery or Collection

Either deliver your vehicle to our nominated UK depot based in Felixstowe, or choose to have your vehicle collected from a UK address... it's your choice! 


Step 3 – Vehicle Secured & Safety Assured with our Patented Loading Methods

secured uk caravan to au and to nz with

Our warehouse team will prepare your vehicle for shipment. This process involves:

  • Removing the necessary external components (for example the plastic cover from the A-frame on caravans and aerials on cars).

  • Securing any movable internal items (for example cupboard doors in caravans, personal effects, vehicle keys or other external components, now stored inside the vehicle).

  • Protecting the windows, handles, lights and wheel arches with the use of foam tube insulation.

  • Preparing the container, based on the vehicle dimensions, allowing a tolerance to prevent the vehicle from touching the container.

  • Loading and securing your vehicle into the container, using the 40 years' worth of experience obtained by 


Step 4 - Track your Shipmentship uk cars and caravans to australia and new zealand

We offer the fastest shipping service from port-to-port worldwide. Our specialised website comes equipped with a live tracking feature to locate your shipment, accessible via your personal account.


Step 5 – Arrival at Destination

On arrival at its intended destination we can administer the local customs procedures and quarantine inspections, as well as provide duty and tax assistance. Either collect your vehicle from our depot, or choose to have us deliver it to your local compliance centre or chosen address.


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