Unsworth Automotive is the only specialist website for car and caravan shipping from the UK to New Zealand and Australia.

We ship worldwide, but we simply have a passion for the countries downunder.

Whether you are a car/caravan dealer, a freight forwarder, or a private shipper, you will find that using our online platform makes the shipping process much easier.

You will be able to track your vehicle and check its condition from the moment it enters our warehouse in the UK up until its intended destination.

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If you are a UK caravan or car dealer and you are looking either to expand your business or to get a better shipping quote for your exports, ShipFromUK.com is here to CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHIP. With UK sales declining, Australia and New Zealand are exciting markets to look at. Visit our news section to find out more about the latest stats for UK car imports to these countries to get a better picture.

Advantages include:

- An increase in sales

- An increase in profits 

- Additional business exposure

If you are a UK freight forwarder, our 40 year commitment to quality ensures that your shipment will be delivered in the fastest and most secure way to its destination. A 100% damage free service and an easy-to-use shipping platform differentiate ShipFromUK.com from the competition. Not to mention, we’re cheaper too.

If you are a UK expat looking to take your car or caravan with you, you’ve come to the right place. We handle everything from the collection of your vehicle at your old address to its delivery at your new home, including taxes and customs formalities. Just sit back and relax.



If you are a New Zealand/Australian car or caravan dealer, you know how hard it is to get good UK cars or caravans at good prices: ShipfromUK.com has no hidden costs.

We do, however, have 40 years of experience to support you and your business. With our fixed rate door to door, we are on average 15% cheaper than the competition.

UK cars and caravans are fully compatible with the new environmental regulations so rest assured they will not stand in your dealership gathering dust. And we promise, we’ll never deliver you a mouldy car or caravan. Never. Our containers are fully ventilated and we protect your vehicle with silica gel moisture absorbers. Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out our FAQs.

Plus, we can help you claim back 20% VAT. How does that sound? 

If you are a New Zealand/Australian freight forwarder, we offer competitive rates and weekly vessels from the UK. Get in touch with us for an online quote, even if it’s just for a comparison. You’ll find out that containerised shipping is 30% cheaper than RoRo.

If you are a New Zealand/Australian private shipper that is looking to import a UK car or caravan, you’ve made the right choice. UK cars and caravans allow you to save money, plus they are also compatible with the new environmental regulations. If you’re not sure how to buy your next vehicle, we can put you in contact with our trustworthy dealers that will make sure you get a real bargain. Just choose your dream vehicle and get a fast shipping quote TODAY.

Not convinced yet? Talk to us today on our live chat (maybe we can offer you a discount, who knows).

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